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Lance Collins Surfboards


Quality You Can Rely On, Made Exclusively in Costa Mesa, California USA

Local & internationally known business that has been customizing surfboards since 1969. Wave Tools is a team of people that have a passion for waves, boards and clean surfing lifestyle.


"Wave Tools of the Spirit"  
started in  Newport Beach, California by

Lance & Terralea Collins
1970 Wave Tools moved to Pismo Beach for a brief stint, the first logos were hand drawn on rice paper.
1971 "Wave Tools" logo was stamped on rice paper.
1972 Wave Tools moved back to Newport Beach on Coast Hwy near Cedar Street in Newport Shores until ,
1973 Wave Tools opened a manufacturing shop on Placentia Ave in Costa Mesa where we still are today.

1974-1978 Wave Tools opened a retail store at Newport Pier. 
End of 1978, To any serious Newport Beach surfer of the day, a Wave Tools surfboard was a “must have”. By  Echo Beach and Wave Tools had become synonymous with the most progressive surfing of the time. Danny Kwock, Preston Murray and Jeff Parker, among others, were some of the brightest stars in California surfing and beyond and Lance was the master craftsman behind the surfboards they were riding.
 2006 The glass shop was sold but we maintain an outlet and shaping bay, where it still thrives today.


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